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WE REPAIR : Sat Nav's : DVD Players : Single CD Tuners : CD Changers : Radio Cassettes : Power Amps : Car Alarm Remote Key Fobs

RADIO DECODING: We have the software to decode any make or model you may have - even over the phone or by email!

Alternatively post it to us and we can often return it within 24 hours

We've been servicing and repairing all kinds of complex electronic equipment for over 35 years now and we like to think we're quite good at it! We are accredited or authorised to repair most leading makes of in-car electronic systems whether its your cd changer or your sat nav system. Our specialism is that we have an unrivalled knowledge of the manufacturers products fitted in your vehicle. It may be a Ford radio in a Ford car to you, but give us the make and model of your car and we'll know who made the radio, what the most common faults are likely to be and what's more, we know how to fix it quickly and economically saving you time and often a significant amount of money. Why don't you put us to the test? Give us a call on 01273 734085, have the make and model ready, describe the fault and we can often diagnose it over the phone. We'll even do a free, detailed diagnosis and quote if you ship your product over to us. You'll only have to pay the return carriage charge which should be less than £15 if you use City Link. We've even put a link at the top of this page so you can give them a call and book in your collection! We look forward to hearing from you.


"If you have a faulty unit made by one of these major manufacturers and it's repairable, we can repair it"